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Keep your Administrator informed and account information current.

Please find some useful forms available for your use.

Beneficiary Designation Form:

  • Every Participant that has an interest in a Retirement Plan should be prepared in case of untimely passing to ensure the correct beneficiary is listed on the account to receive the benefit.

Deferral Enrollment Form:

  • A 401(k) eligible Participant should at least annually inform their Employer of their election to participate or decline participation in the plan. The form can also be used anytime during the year to record an increase or decrease in the election to participate.

Loan Application Form:

  • Not all pension plans offer a loan feature to current employees/participants. Terminated and retired participants are not eligible to take a loan. Please check with the Employer or review the Summary Plan Description. Loans do have limitations and the value is based on the vested account balance.

Termination or Retirement Notice:

  • When a Participant no longer works for the Employer, the notice should be completed with current contact information to ensure the distribution process is completed. Please check with the past Employer or review the Summary Plan Description as to the timing of distribution as defined in the plan.

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